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DAAD Colombia: Charla Oportunidades de estudios, investigacion y becas

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En este video se explican los requisitos académicos, de idioma y financieros para estudiar en Alemania. También se muestran las herramientas para buscar programas académicos y se presentan los programas de becas del DAAD y consejos para preparar la estancia en Alemania.

DAAD Deutcher Akademischer AustauschdienstDAAD Deutcher Akademischer Austauschdienst
01:22:17January 13, 2017, 7:25 pm
DAAD Deutcher Akademischer Austauschdienst

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DAAD Goethe-Institut, Servicio de Intercambio, Servicio Aleman de Intercambio Academico

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Servicio Alemán de Intercambio Academico

Study/Research in Germany (by DAAD IC Accra)Study/Research in Germany (by DAAD IC Accra)
00:03:48May 5, 2015, 3:33 am
Study/Research in Germany (by DAAD IC Accra)

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This video features some Germany/DAAD Alumni who share their experiences about studying or doing research in Germany.
Be Inspired. Study in Germany, it's the land of ideas!
This Video was produced by ReelMakers.

DAAD scholarship, how to apply,my experienceDAAD scholarship, how to apply,my experience
00:08:30August 3, 2018, 1:54 pm
DAAD scholarship, how to apply,my experience

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I am a proud Eritrean citizen. So many of my friend and my junior fellow citizens have been asking me about graduate application. How to apply,when to apply,which websites to go for application and so on.So, I am starting with my experience to the DAAD scholarship. I have a lot of experience in graduate application. I have been accepted to many universities for this fall and I believe no experience is small experience. What seems normal to me through experience can be hard for someone else. Therefore, this could help!!!!!

Tutorial on How to use DAAD website? | Unofficial: Studying in Germany

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daad, studying, germany, study abroad, international, student

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This video will help you to navigate through DAAD website, to search the International programmes in Germany.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

DAAD Scholarship Germany Application Process - How to apply for DAAD Scholarship?

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Daad scholarship, study in Germany, DAAD, daad scholarship, mba in germany, daad scholarship 2018, scholarships in germany, germany scholarships, german scholarship, how to study in germany for free, studying in germany, ms in germany, top colleges in germany, free education in germany, top german universities, phd in germany, How to apply for a DAAD scholarship, How to apply for Daad scholarship, daad scholarship process, daad germany, daad scholarships

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DAAD scholarship application process for international students to find our relevant degree programs and universities in Germany. After seeing this video, you will be able to apply for DAAD scholarship easily.

For more information on DAAD scholarship please visit:

Join our Facebook Scholarships Group:

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LE CORAN EN PARLE ( Peuple de Aad )LE CORAN EN PARLE ( Peuple de Aad )
00:11:59December 25, 2016, 7:49 am
LE CORAN EN PARLE ( Peuple de Aad )

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DAAD Auswahl Nordamerika-StipendienDAAD Auswahl Nordamerika-Stipendien
00:07:19May 12, 2014, 3:58 am
DAAD Auswahl Nordamerika-Stipendien

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German Academic Exchange Service (Nonprofit Organization), Stipendien, Auswahl, DAAD-Stipendienauswahl, Stipendium USA, Stipendium Kanada, Kommission, Auswahlsitzung, DAAD-Stipendium, Erfahrung Stipendium, DAAD USA, DAAD Kanada

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Hier erfahrt ihr, was bei der Auswahl von DAAD-Stipendien passiert - vom Eingang des Antrags bis zur Vorstellung vor der Kommission.

Kiat Mendapat Beasiswa DAAD untuk Studi di Jerman | #DWKampus

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DW Indonesia, #DWKampus, berburu beasiswa, beasiswa s3 jerman, beasiswa jerma, bagaimana mendapat beasiswa, DAAD, beasiswa DAAD, beasiswa daad jerman, Fathoni A. Musyafa, teknik informatika, kuliah doktoral, kiat sukses raih beasiswa, kuliah di jerman, apa itu DAAD?, cara dapat beasiswa kuliah di luar negeri, cara dapat beasiswa kuliah, cara dapat beasiswa DAAD Jerman, Universitas Bonn

Add Date: August 24, 2018, 6:57 am & Duration: 00:07:35

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Fathoni A. Musyafa dua kali mengantongi beasiswa dari lembaga di luar negeri. Pertama, beasiswa dari Korea Selatan, dan sejak 2015, pria asal Kediri itu melanjutkan studi doktoral dengan dukungan Dinas Pertukaran Akademis Jerman (DAAD). Apa yang dilakukan mahasiwa juruan teknik informatika Universitas Bonn itu untuk bisa memenangkan beasiswa? Ikuti kiat Fathoni untuk sukses berburu beasiswa dalam #DWKampus Episode 10.

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De onrechtmatige daad in vier stappenDe onrechtmatige daad in vier stappen
00:14:33July 3, 2018, 2:20 am
De onrechtmatige daad in vier stappen

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6:162 BW, onrechtmatige daad, schuld, toerekenbaarheid, onrechtmatigheid, relativiteitsbeginsel, causaliteit, schade, immateriele schade, materiele schade, schadevergoeding, kelderluik criteria

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Een korte uitleg.

How to find the right program on DAAD WebsiteHow to find the right program on DAAD Website
00:03:42January 12, 2015, 5:40 am
How to find the right program on DAAD Website

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de Daadde Daad
00:00:45April 21, 2007, 6:58 am
de Daad

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IJslander, IJslandse

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DAAD ScholarshipDAAD Scholarship
00:02:39February 8, 2015, 11:37 am
DAAD Scholarship

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Studymbaingermany, DAAD, mba in germany, MBA in Germany, mba in germany free, mba in germany english, DAAD Scholarship, daad scholarship, daad scholarship 2015

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Find everything about the DAAD Scholarship for foreign students in Germany in this short video. I ran a website - where you will find many other useful things. Do check it out.


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mexicans in germany, mexicanos in alemania, mexicana en alemania, mexicanos en el extranjero, estudiar en alemania, alemania, deutschland, estudiar en alemania universidad, requisitos para estudiar en alemania universidad, como estudiar en alemania universidad, cuanto cuesta estudiar la universidad en alemania, estudiar en alemania para colombianos, estudiar en alemania gratis, estudiar en alemania en ingles, hispanos in alemania

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Visit and register yourself for
free education counselling


Comment le peuple de Aad a ete detruit ''Les geants d'autrefois''

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Causerie aprer salaat maghrib par sheik khaled Muballigh Al-Aqsa-Masjid
12 Rajab 1434-22/05/2013

Estudar na Alemanha - DAAD - O que é isso?Estudar na Alemanha - DAAD - O que é isso?
00:07:11October 25, 2012, 5:55 am
Estudar na Alemanha - DAAD - O que é isso?

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daad, estudar na Alemanha, doutorado, mestrado, universidade, alemanha, faculdade, intercambio

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Entenda o que é o DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst ou melhor o Servico de Intercambio Academico alemao e como ele pode lhe ser util.

O Serviço Alemão de Intercâmbio Acadêmico (DAAD) é a maior organização promotora de intercâmbio acadêmico e científico do mundo.

Fundado em 1925 e reaberto em 1950, o DAAD já concedeu mais de 1,5 milhão de bolsas de estudos, tanto para alemães quanto para estrangeiros.

Entre as atribuições do DAAD estão:

fomento da internacionalização das instituições de ensino superior alemãs;
fortalecimento da língua alemã no exterior;
apoio ao desenvolvimento de instituições eficientes; e
assessoramento aos responsáveis por políticas culturais, educativas e de desenvolvimento.

A sede do DAAD está localizada em Bonn, na Alemanha.

No mundo, são 14 escritórios regionais e 51 centros de informação.