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Scenic Switzerland from The Brienz Rothorn Bahn (Cog Railway)

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In this (the second video) taken on an Autumn visit to the Brienz Rothorn Bahn (Cog Railway) we admire the stunning scenery far below, enhanced by the beautiful autumn colors, we also take a closer look at the wonderful little steam engines taking visitors to the summit station at Rothorn.

(RARE) Steam locomotive 141.R.1244 Mikado at Kloten, Switzerland

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SchmidProductions, Airport Zürich-Kloten, Live ATC, amazing, Fliegerei, music, plane spotting, Aviation, ZRH, Trainfart, Verein Mikado 1244, SNCF, 141.R.1244, Mikado, Steam locomotive, rare, Dampflok, SBB, SBB Historic, Ae 6/6, 01 202, Train spotting, Eisenbahn, DVZO, Bauma, 8302, Kloten, EHC Kloten, Eishockey, Railway, Train, Trains, historical, classic, beautiful, Gotthard,, 20.min, funny, lustig, Antonov 22, An22, Antonov 225, An225, runway 14, runway 16

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Verein Mikado 1244/ ex SNCF | 141.R.1244 Mikado | Built: 1946

Filmed by Sandro Schmid

DVZO Fahrzeugtreffen 2018 - Steam locomotive and classis Swiss train meeting

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DVZO, dampflokomotive, dampflok, loki, lokomotive, steam, train, trainspotting, steam train, locomotive, bauma, swiss, switzerland, sbb, cff, ffs, tunnelkino, ciné tunnel, sihltal, sihltalbahn, nostalgic, dampfzug, dampfgruppe, uerikon, hinwil, zurich, zürich, trains, railway, ed 3/4, tank engine, tank, engine, eisenbahn, hogwarts, express, bt9, bt 9, bodensee, bodensee-toggenburg, toggenburg

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14.10.2018 - Das jährliche Fahrzeugtreffen der DVZO am Bahnhof Bauma. Am Sonntag waren zahlreiche Triebwagen aus älteren Zeiten sowie Dampfloks zu sehen.

Various oldtimer trains and as well steam locomotives meeting in Bauma, Switzerland during the yearly DVZO vehicle meeting.


Verein Tunnelkino, ABe 4/4 11 «Glaskasten», Baujahr 1940
Sihltalbahn, ZMB BDe 4/4 92
Verein Dampfgruppe Zürich, CZm ½ 31, «Uerikon-Bauma Bahn», Baujahr 1902
Verein Depot und Schienenfahrzeuge Koblenz, RBe 4/4 1405, Baujahr 1959
DVZO Dampflokomotive Ed 3/4 Nr.2, AK
BT 9 Amor Express
and more...

NEW Swiss SBB InterCity and InterRegio trains - Bombardier Twindexx Swiss Express

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SBB RABDe 502 for the InterCity, SBB RABe 502 for InterRegio, swiss, sbb, trains, switzerland, zurich, berne, Swiss Federal Railways, Twindexx Swiss Express, Bombardier, Swiss trains

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The SBB RABDe 502 for the InterCity and the SBB RABe 502 for InterRegio

In November 2014, after several delays, it was announced that the first deployment will be in December 2017. As compensation for the delay, Bombardier will supply the SBB with 62 trains instead of 59 in 2020.
Swiss Federal Railways
Twindexx Swiss Express

The Bombardier Twindexx Swiss Express contains a distributed drive system in which either six or twelve traction motors are used in the bogies of the four- or eight-part units and thus 100 or 200 meters long units. Depending 6 of 8 cars (or in the 4-part trains: 3 of 4 cars) of the train are thus a railcar and every train thus a railcar train. This is a significant difference to the sister platform Twindexx Vario , in which unpowered double-decker mid-range cars are powered by terminal double-decker railcars or locomotives. Similarly distributed railcar systems such as the Twindex Swiss Express are used in the Velaro platform .

Compared with an equally long train of IC2000 -vans and Re-460 - locomotive drive system consumes because of the built-in synchronous motors around ten percent less energy with permanent magnet.

In contrast to other...

Swiss Railways - Golden Pass Train - Interlaken to Zweisimmen

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Panoramic Train, Golden Pass Train, Swiss Railways, BLS, Over-head Electric locomotive, Interlaken, Interlaken West Station, Interlaken Harderbahn, Harder Kulm, Därligen, Lake Thun, Leissigen, Spiez, Eifeld, Wimmis, Burgholz, Oey, Diemtigen, Erlenbach, Därstetten, Weissenburg, Oberwil, Simmental, Boltigen, Weissenbach, Zweisimmen, BLS Re4/4, Brown Boveri, Train, Passenger train, Swiss Federal Railways (Business Operation), Rail Transport (Industry), Switzerland

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Sit back and enjoy the delightful scenery as our BLS locomotive and train meanders beneath towering mountains, through pretty villages and across sparkling rivers on its journey from Interlaken to Zweisimmen.

Diesel Trains | How Diesel Locomotives Work? | locomotive engine production

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Diesel Trains, How, Diesel Locomotives, engine, locomotive engine production, production, principles and structures, engine manufacturing, heavy engineering, industrial machinery

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Diesel Trains.
How Diesel Locomotives Work?
Locomotive engine production.

The Queen of Gothard, the Ae 6/6 Locomotive - Swiss Trains

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queen, gothard, locomotive, swiss, trains, sbb, cff, heavy duty, 6/6, chrominance, switzerland, freight, tunnel, gottardo, electric, powerful, loki, gotard

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This heavy duty locomotive was built at more than 130 units and was the Queen of Gothard for more than 50 years, pulling long and heavy freight train on the ramps of the famous tunnel.

Swiss SBB Ce 6/8 crocodile electric locomotive gauge 0

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Swiss Federal Railways (Business Operation), Train, spur null, spur 0, Electric Locomotive (Transit Vehicle Type), Crocodile, krokodil

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MTH gauge 0 SBB Ce 6/8 locomotive running in the garden, first with a SBB goods train of MTH and Brawa wagens and then with a CIWL Elettren train

Swiss Federal Railways Steam Locomotive leaving Zurich Mainstation, October 26th 2016

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On my way home from work I spotted this beautiful, 100 years old, steam locomotive.
The locomotive is a B3/4 from the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). I guess it was some sort of an excursion train, consisting of two coaches. A Pullman and a standard passenger coach type I (Einheitswagen I), built between 1956 and 1967 in typical green color for that time.
So, it was my lucky day to spot railroad history :-)

Historic Swiss "Crocodile" locos on excursion train at Filisur

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Excursion Train (Location), Train (Transit Vehicle Type), RhB, Rhaetian Railway (Location), Filisur (Administrative Division), Rhätische Bahn, Narrow Gauge (Rail Gauge), Rail Transport (Industry), Railfan (Hobby), historic train, Trains, Railroad

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Passenger trains on Swiss Mountain Railways.

This video is about Historic Rhaetian Railway "Baby Crocodile" locomotives RhB Ge 6/6 #414 & #415 at Filisur, filmed on 18 September 2014

The heritage train was on a circle tour from Landquart to Samedan, via Chur & the Landwasser Viaduct on the forward journey, returning via the Vereina Tunnel

Swiss Rack & Pinions: Furka Summit Line - NEW edited version.

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Furka Pass, Switzerland, Suisse, Schweiz, Svizzera, Steam locomotive, rack and pinions, DFB, Dampfbahn Furka Bergstrecke, Furka Summit line, Ligne sommitale de la Furka, Realp, Gletsch, Oberwald, Rhone Glacier, Glacier du Rhône, Rhone Gletscher

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New, edited and augmented version. Now includes shots from a drone and more.

Certainly one of the nicest tourist railways in Europe, it connects Realp (Uri canton) to Oberwald (Wallis canton) over the Furka Pass. 4 different steam locomotives are shown. 3 of them are original from the line, one comes from the Viege-Zermatt railway: a very interesting locomotive. All are over 100 years old, even though they just look brand new.

Swiss Railway LocomotiveSwiss Railway Locomotive
00:02:13June 28, 2017, 3:14 am
Swiss Railway Locomotive

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Model built by Guy Kind.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see models built by London's Meccano enthusiasts, plus occasional coverage of Meccano events elsewhere in the UK.


Discover the world of Meccano, Frank Hornby's iconic construction system, with our guide to London's Meccano clubs and events. Find out what's on near you by checking out our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+...






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01:00:14May 6, 2016, 12:22 pm

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Here's my first train compilation video.

Legendary Gotthard Locomotive - Krokodil Betriebsgruppe SBB Swiss Lokomotive Switzerland

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Technology of the crocodile locomotive Be 6/8 '' '13302

This locomotive was put into operation in 1926 and used for the freight train service at Gotthard. It comes from the series Be 6/8 '' '13301-13318 (formerly Ce 6/8' '' 14301-14318), the third and last execution of this type. It was built in the years 1925-26, the mechanical part of the company SLM and the electrical equipment of MFO.
The locomotive consists of three main parts: two coupled engines and a bridge with the locomotive box supported thereon. The locomotive box contains the main switch, the transformer with a grounded center point at the secondary winding and the two 23-stage switches for the control of the motors, the fan with the circulation pump for the transformer oil and the 36V generator for charging the battery the control circuit and the lighting. The guide rests are placed at the ends of the middle section and are connected by a lateral aisle. Each bogie has three coupled drive axles, the middle of which has a lateral play of 2x25 mm, and a bite-pulley axis with 2x70 mm deflection possibility. Centering is effected by leaf springs.
The four drive motors of the locomotive are arranged in pairs between the first and second drive axle in the...

Locomotive Ae 6/8, Reine du Lötschberg - Trains Suisses

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Les locomotives Ae 6/8 ont longtemps été les plus puissantes du monde et tractaient les lourds trains de marchandises sur la ligne du Lötschberg. Une magnifique machine tractant le Swiss Classic Train rend visite à Kandersteg, portail nord du tunnel par une belle journée d'hiver.

Furka Pass Cogwheel Steam Railway Switzerland July 2011.

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Here is my footage of The Furka Pass Cogwheel Mountain Steam Railway in Switzerland. First we see the loco DFB 1 simmering at Oberwald waiting for its13.55pm departure on Monday 25th July 2011. Then we see the train climbing out of Oberwald on the rack system, entering the spiral Kehrtunnel and then arriving at Gletsch. Finally we see the loco working hard climbing up to the summit of Furka. It was a most enjoyable days filming in stunning scenery and I hope you enjoy watching half as much as I did filming.

The Making of the Credit Suisse LocomotiveThe Making of the Credit Suisse Locomotive
00:02:44May 3, 2016, 12:00 am
The Making of the Credit Suisse Locomotive

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Credit Suisse, Gotthard, Tunnel, Alfred Escher, Schweizerische Kreditanstalt, SKA, Railway, Base Tunnel, Locomotive, Gottardo, Gottardo 2016, Rail Network, Switzerland

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In June 2016, the longest rail tunnel in the world, the Gotthard Base Tunnel, will be officially opened. Switzerland has reason to celebrate, and Credit Suisse is joining in.

160 years ago, the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt, today's Credit Suisse, was founded by Alfred Escher to develop, among other things, the Swiss rail network. Escher was not only the founder of Credit Suisse, but also the driving force behind the Gotthard Railway and the first Gotthard Tunnel.

Learn more:

00:02:28June 20, 2017, 10:12 pm

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live steam, Aster, Swiss locomotives, Aster SBB Eb 3/5, g-scale, gauge one, tracks, locomotives, alcohol firing

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Live Steam in the Garden !

Swiss Steam on the Snowdon Mountain Railway 09/09/2018Swiss Steam on the Snowdon Mountain Railway 09/09/2018
00:10:39September 9, 2018, 1:45 pm
Swiss Steam on the Snowdon Mountain Railway 09/09/2018

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Swiss Steam, Switzerland, Brienz Rothorn Railway, BRB no.2., SMR no.3. 'Wyddfa', SMR no.5. 'Moel Siabod', SMR no.6. 'Padarn', Llanberis, Rack and Pinion, Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works (SLM)

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Here we see some steam on the Snowdon Mountain Railway at their Llanberis terminus on Sunday 09/09/2018. This wasn't just the usual running day however, as there was a very special visitor about. Amongst the steam locos seen in this video is no.2. of the Brienz Rothorn Railway, Switzerland and a carriage.
The Switzerland Travel Centre arranged for the loco to be brought over from Switzerland and do a few trips during September along a bit of the line, promoting Switzerland and it's railways.
The loco herself was built in 1892 by the Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works (SLM), the same builders as the Snowdon Mountain Railway's steam locos. This is the first time the sister locos have been together as the SMR's locos were built in 1895. The most obvious difference between the locos are the boilers, the BRB locos were built with boilers on a steeper slant due to their line being much steeper than the SMR. Another difference is the length of the teeth on the locos, this is why the BRB loco was unable to get onto the steep grades of the SMR as the teeth were too long for the rack.
The BRB and SMR are both 800 mm gauge (2 ft 7 1/2 inch gauge) and both use the same rack and pinion system (hence why this visit was possible). The BRB opened in 1892,...

★ Cab Ride Chur - Zürich, Switzerland [2016]★ Cab Ride Chur - Zürich, Switzerland [2016]
01:13:36February 19, 2018, 10:02 am
★ Cab Ride Chur - Zürich, Switzerland [2016]

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iMovie führerstandsmitfahrt, cab ride, dalla cabina, en cabine de conduit, cabview

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On this trip, we're travelling in an SBB class Re 460 locomotive from Chur in the south east of Switzerland to Zürich main station. Due to high passenger volume, 2 trains ran with about a 3 minute gap between them, the first one can be seen leaving at the start of the video.
Interesting on this stretch is the brief single track section at 30:10. One might ask, why leave such a short part of the line single tracked on this long double tracked line? Well, before the 3955m Kerenzerberg Tunnel was opened in 1960, trains would continue along the lake, passing through 3 smaller tunnels as a single track line. If you look closely at 31:23, you can see where the old track used to lead between the mountain and the lake. Today, the old track serves as a bicycle track.
If you liked the video, leave a thumbs up to help support my channel and feel free to leave questions and comments. Thanks for watching!

Steam on the Oberalp Pass (Switzerland) – Part 1Steam on the Oberalp Pass (Switzerland) – Part 1
00:32:26November 7, 2015, 9:04 am
Steam on the Oberalp Pass (Switzerland) – Part 1

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Switzerland, Furka-Oberalp Railway, ABT Rack System, Railway Touring Company, RTC, Holiday, Steam Locomotive, Train, Alps, Realp, Nätschen, Hospental, Oberalppass, Oberalpsee, Andermatt, RhB, DVZ, Glacier Express, Disentis, Damfbahn Furka-Bergstrecke

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Travel on the first steam hauled passenger train over the iconic “Oberalp Pass” since the 1960’s. On a perfect day our vintage train steams along part of the route made famous by the “Glacier Express” between Realp and Disentis. Our immaculately turned out locomotive for the day is F.0.4 built by Winterthur in 1913, fitted with the ABT rack system for operation on the metre gauge Furka-Oberalp Railway.

Locomotive exhibition in the Swiss Transport Museum (Lucerne)

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Lokomotive Ausstellung im Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (Luzern)

Switzerland - RhB Steam Snow Blower - Steam power only, 2011

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Switzerland, Steam, snow blower, Rhatishe Bahn, RhB, Train, Railway, Winter, pontresina, bernina, Rhaetian Railway (Location), Snow, andy dandan, andy dandan fisher, railroad

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Rhatische Bahn No.X9213 Winterthur 0-6-6-0 steam powered snow blower of 1910 clears the line above Pontresina using only steam power on 29/1/2011 during a demonstration run over the Bernina pass.
Update 2014 ... this clip was used in a British Channel 4 documentary presented by Tony Robinson, "The World's Most Extreme - Railways"

Z Gauge Marklin Swiss Locomotive on the kitchen counter

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Marklin, Train, Railway, Z Scale, Z gauge, Model Railroad, Model Railway, layout, märklin, modellbahn, maerklin digital, z model railroad, z model railway, model, railroading, modellours workshop, maerklin, Zscale, Zgauge, Fleischmann, Minitrix, roco, trix, Trains, Express, lgb, trainset, Hornby, Steam, Station, Z scale world, marklin z scale, marklin z gauge, z trains, marklin z starter set, garden railway, garden railroad, marklin trains, marklin z trains, marklin train layout, g gauge

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Locomotives from the 'Marklin Z 88446 Swiss Class 460 Two Locomotive Set' hauling some carriages in the kitchen.

Swiss locomotives modernized with ABB traction converters

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ABB Ltd., traction converters, railways, rail transport, sustainable transport, switzerland

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ABB is to supply the latest generation of traction converters for the Swiss Federal Railways’ Re460 locomotive modernization project. The new water-cooled IGBT traction Converters increase train availability and significantly reduce energy consumption and operating cost.

Lego Mini SWISS LOCOMOTIVE Electric Train Cars for Kids Speed Build Review

Channel: KIDS TOYS TIME & Total View: 2569

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Add Date: August 19, 2017, 11:30 pm & Duration: 00:08:04

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Hello, today we a making Train from Lego. Have fun building it.
Model by Mattia Zamboni.
This is Instruction Video.
Watch other videos:
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This is a child and family oriented channel reviewing and playing with toys, such Custom LEGO cars Custom cars Lego and much more!

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LGB 2045 RhB Swiss Locomotive 1'B1' Day And NightLGB 2045 RhB Swiss Locomotive 1'B1' Day And Night
00:04:18July 29, 2018, 12:12 pm
LGB 2045 RhB Swiss Locomotive 1'B1' Day And Night

Channel: Jim Kelly-Evans & Total View: 106

LGB, LGB 2045, locomotive, garden railroad, RhB

Add Date: July 29, 2018, 12:12 pm & Duration: 00:04:18

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Cherry Grove Railroad with the unique LGB 2045 running on the main line.