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Bill Nye the Science Guy S01E14 StructuresBill Nye the Science Guy S01E14 Structures
00:22:39November 29, 2016, 5:30 am
Bill Nye the Science Guy S01E14 Structures

Channel: Bill Nye Fan & Total View: 28738

bill nye the science guy, science, science guy, bill nye, nye science guy, nye the science guy, the science guy bill nye

Add Date: November 29, 2016, 5:30 am & Duration: 00:22:39

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Structure Basics - Making Things Look 3DStructure Basics - Making Things Look 3D
00:11:12August 5, 2013, 10:11 pm
Structure Basics - Making Things Look 3D

Channel: Proko & Total View: 476288

structure, art, drawing, painting, how to, tutorial, form, volume, 3-dimensional, draw 3d, perspective, geometric shapes, sphere, ball, cylinder, cube, box, cross contour, cross-contour, building blocks, mannequin, mannequinization, draw structure, rib cage, pelvis, Three-dimensional Space

Add Date: August 5, 2013, 10:11 pm & Duration: 00:11:12

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You can simplify pretty much any organic object into sphere, cylinders and cubes or a combination of these three forms. In this episode I explain when and how to use each.

Assignment - Practice drawing cylinders and cubes from various angles. Construct animal photos using the 3 basic forms.
Critiques -
Pose Photo Sets -

Premium Video Concepts:

What are the basic building blocks of structure?
How to manipulate the 3 forms
When should you use them?
The difference between sphere, cylinders and cubes
How position of the viewer effects the forms
Avoiding flat perspective
How to simplify
How to draw cylinders correctly
How to draw cubes correctly

Detailed explanations of above concepts at


models - Aaron Simunovich, Yoni Baker

Music used with permission
music intro by
sound effects

#Form #Volume #structure

How I changed my facial bone structure with Tongue Posture

Channel: meaganxrose & Total View: 800342

face changes, glow up, mandible, short face, strong jawline, how to change your face shape, maxilla, tongue placement, dr mew, forward facing mandible, get the face you want, hot, pretty, look better, bone structure, pineal gland, jaw, bigger eyes, cheekbones, get prominent jawline, subliminal

Add Date: October 29, 2018, 8:02 am & Duration: 00:10:50

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In this video I discuss how I affected my facial bone structure through manipulation of my tongue placement and subsequently forcing forward and upward mandibular growth . The advice is based on Dr. Mew's work in examining patients facial growth based on tongue posture

The photos were taken 3 years apart. The jawline manipulation can be seen as the jaw getting shorter and the cheekbones getting more prominent. The mandible becomes more forward facing allowing for the facial structure to come forward as well.

Credits to Dr. Mew

IG // meaganxrose
Snap // megfishbunny
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Innerpartysystem- Structure lyricsInnerpartysystem- Structure lyrics
00:04:02June 20, 2011, 5:14 pm
Innerpartysystem- Structure lyrics

Channel: HeartlessSarahcat & Total View: 110095

innerpartysystem, structure, lyrics, music

Add Date: June 20, 2011, 5:14 pm & Duration: 00:04:02

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Took a while to make. :U

I hope you like it~

La structure de l'entreprise (Draija )La structure de l'entreprise (Draija )
00:20:43July 8, 2016, 1:59 pm
La structure de l'entreprise (Draija )

Channel: Amine Li taalim & Total View: 91506

l'Entreprise et son Environnement, Le rôle de l'entreprise, Classifications Economique de l'entreprise, Classifications Juridique de l'entreprise, Classifications de l'entreprise sur la dimensions, Les partenaires de l'entreprise, La structure de l'entreprise, la structure fonctionnelle de l'entreprise, la structure hiérarchique de l'entreprise, Amine li taalim

Add Date: July 8, 2016, 1:59 pm & Duration: 00:20:43

Likes: 1788 | Dislike: 28

هنا تجد جميع روابط الدروس بالترتيب بالإضافة لتحميل الدرس على شكل PDF :

Introduction de l'entreprise et son environnement ( Darija ) : الدرس الأول

Classification economique de l'entreprise ( Darija ) : الدرس التاني

Classification juridique de l'entreprise ( Darija ) : الدرس التالت

L'environnement de l'entreprise (Darija ) : الدرس الرابع

La structure de l'entreprise (Draija ) : الدرس الخامس

Les partenaires de l'entreprise ( Draija ) : الدرس السادس

Les finalités de l'entreprise (Darija) : الدرس السابع

DNA StructureDNA Structure
00:04:22November 13, 2014, 12:03 am
DNA Structure

Channel: Teacher's Pet & Total View: 272520

dna, watson, crick, franklin, nucleotide, thymine, cytosine, guanine, adenine, iufer

Add Date: November 13, 2014, 12:03 am & Duration: 00:04:22

Likes: 2787 | Dislike: 90

Learn about the structure of DNA and how to recognize all the parts in this video!

Business Studies - Organisation Structure: Business Exam Tips

Channel: Revision App - Student Blog & Total View: 211966

education, students, teacher, videos, tutors, khan academy, khan, gcse, a-level, high school, college, revision app, revision, revise, exams, exam Business Studies, Organisation Structure, Business Exam Tips, Business Studies (Field Of Study)

Add Date: June 2, 2014, 3:32 pm & Duration: 00:03:50

Likes: 881 | Dislike: 61

Get Unlimited Access to GCSE Tutor Videos & Online Revision Here for £19.99: Businesses can be very complex organisations with many hundreds or thousands of people working in them in many different roles. In order to manage their resources effectively, businesses must have clear organisational structures in place. Organisational structures include the different relationships between people in an organisation. For example in some cases, an employer might want to have a very formal relationship between people in the organisation in others it might be more relaxed. This happens in every day life too. Think about any organisation you're a part of. Do you call the other people by their first names? Do you call them by their title? What about the other members themselves? Do they call each other 'Mrs D', 'Dr X' or 'Mr M' or do they refer to each other by their first names? How do they refer to the the person leading the organisation?

Different levels in a business are referred to as hierarchies. A hierarchy occurs where people are given some sort of title or rank that signifies their importance in the organisation. All businesses have employees working at different levels of...

Thème 3 - Chapitre 1 : La structure de l'entrepriseThème 3 - Chapitre 1 : La structure de l'entreprise
00:12:01September 20, 2014, 8:14 am
Thème 3 - Chapitre 1 : La structure de l'entreprise

Channel: & Total View: 154963

bts, management, entreprises, structure, entreprise, structure de l'entreprise, bac, stmg, mde, mdo, éducation, adapter, entrepreneuriale, fonctionnelle, divisionnelle, matricielle, firme a, firme j, firme h

Add Date: September 20, 2014, 8:14 am & Duration: 00:12:01

Likes: 603 | Dislike: 35

BTS tertiaires - 2ème année - management des entreprises - thème 3 - adapter la structure - chapitre 1 - la structure de l'entreprise

Structures in C | C Language TutorialStructures in C | C Language Tutorial
00:25:44September 12, 2016, 12:19 pm
Structures in C | C Language Tutorial

Channel: Naresh i Technologies & Total View: 213828

C Language, Structures in C, Srinivas, Naresh IT, Hands on C Language Training, C Language Demo, Online C Language Training, C Language Tutorial Videos, C Language Overview, C Language Interview Questions, c language training, c Tutorials, C Training Videos

Add Date: September 12, 2016, 12:19 pm & Duration: 00:25:44

Likes: 2446 | Dislike: 73

C Language Tutorial Videos | Mr. Srinivas
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Biology: Cell Structure I Nucleus Medical MediaBiology: Cell Structure I Nucleus Medical Media
00:07:22March 18, 2015, 11:19 am
Biology: Cell Structure I Nucleus Medical Media

Channel: Nucleus Medical Media & Total View: 9378672

nucleolus, DNA (chromosomes), ribosomes, mitochondria, cytoskeleton, cytoplasm, microtubules, proteins, chloroplasts, chlorophyll, cell walls, cell membrane, cilia, flagellae, nucleus medical media, biology, High School (School Category), nucleus, Cell Biology (Field Of Study), cell structure, Cell (Anatomical Structure), aurora award, platinum best of show, aurora award winner

Add Date: March 18, 2015, 11:19 am & Duration: 00:07:22

Likes: 108625 | Dislike: 2995

This animation by Nucleus shows you the function of plant and animal cells for middle school and high school biology, including organelles like the nucleus, nucleolus, DNA (chromosomes), ribosomes, mitochondria, etc. Also included are ATP molecules, cytoskeleton, cytoplasm, microtubules, proteins, chloroplasts, chlorophyll, cell walls, cell membrane, cilia, flagellae, etc.

Watch another version of this video, narrated by a teacher, here:


Watch other Nucleus Biology videos:
- Controlled Experiments:
- Independent vs. Dependent Variables:
- Active Transport:


Learn more about the company that created this video:

This animation won a Platinum Best of Show Aurora Award in 2016.


Channel: Syntac & Total View: 57645


Add Date: January 12, 2019, 10:00 am & Duration: 00:16:34

Likes: 2141 | Dislike: 21



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Enigmatica 2 Ep23 Astral StructureEnigmatica 2 Ep23 Astral Structure
00:33:16January 13, 2019, 4:00 am
Enigmatica 2 Ep23 Astral Structure

Channel: direwolf20 & Total View: 24916

Minecraft, Mods, 1.12, Forge, Modded, Tutorial, Addons, Lets, Play, LetsPlay, ModPack, Pack, Enigmatica, Expert, ExpertMode, Tech, Technology, Magic, Thaumcraft, Astral, Sorcery

Add Date: January 13, 2019, 4:00 am & Duration: 00:33:16

Likes: 1029 | Dislike: 10

Someone submitted a REALLY nice astral building. Lets do it!

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Structure Of The Earth | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

Channel: Peekaboo Kidz & Total View: 1621535

structure of the earth video for kids, learn about planet earth, structure of the earth and its components, science games and videos for kids, facts about planet earth, nine planets, earth day, educational videos for kids, Dr. Binocs learn series for kids, interactive learning, preschool learning, kindergarten learn series, learn series for kids between 6 – 12, makemegenius, basic science concepts for kids, peekaboo, super simple songs, hoopla kids

Add Date: April 22, 2015, 3:51 am & Duration: 00:03:13

Likes: 3968 | Dislike: 457

Learn about the Structure Of The Earth with Dr. Binocs.

Hey kids! Did you know that our planet Earth is made up of three distinct layers? And that each of these layers have their own distinct properties? Join Dr. Binocs as he takes you through the journey inside the Earth and explains about the structure of the Earth.

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Voice-Over Artist: Joseph D'Souza
Script Writer: Sreejoni Nag
Background Score: Agnel Roman
Sound Engineer: Mayur Bakshi
Animation: Qanka Animation Studio
Creative Team (Rajshri): Kavya Krishnaswamy, Alisha Baghel, Sreejoni Nag
Producer: Rajjat A. Barjatya
Copyrights and Publishing: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited
All rights reserved.

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Sentence Structure ภาษาอังกฤษ ครูสมศรี 1/2

Channel: ติวฟรี ดอทคอม & Total View: 225207

Sentence Structures, sentence, structure, ครูสมศรี, สมศรี ธรรมสารโสภณ, ภาษาอังกฤษ, วิชาภาษาอังกฤษ

Add Date: March 18, 2014, 8:55 am & Duration: 00:23:21

Likes: 1472 | Dislike: 34

Sentence Structures ครูสมศรี download ชีท Sentence Structures วิชาภาษาอังกฤษในระดับชั้น ม.ปลายสอนโดยครูสมศรี ธรรมสารโสภณ ในรายการติวเข้มเติมเต็มความรู้มุ่งสู่ asean มีทั้งหมดสองตอน ยาวประมาณหนึ่งชั่วโมง ก่อนรับชมคลิปไป download เอกสารได้ที่ลิ๊งค์ด้านบน

Sentence Structure ภาษาอังกฤษ ครูสมศรี Part1/2

Sentence Structure ภาษาอังกฤษ ครูสมศรี Par 2/2

อาจารย์ผู้สอน : สมศรี ธรรมสารโสภณ
วิชา : ภาษาอังกฤษ
วันที่สอน : 24 สิงหาคม 2556
สถานที่: รร.สามัคคีวิทยาคม จังหวัดเชียงราย


Channel: PopularMMOs & Total View: 2732634

minecraft, challenge, mini-games, mini games, mods, mod, trolling, parody, videos, animation, popularmmos, building, funny, moments, gamingwithjen, lets play, new, roleplay, survival, tutorial, xbox, xbox 360, showcase, custom, map, adventure, games, game, villager, house, traps, modded, biome, structure, lucky block mod, mod showcase, temple, pyramid, block, new mods, structure lucky block, lucky block challenge, minecraft lucky block mod, crafting, armor, sword, weapon, items, instant, instant blocks

Add Date: September 13, 2018, 5:14 pm & Duration: 00:27:11

Likes: 29760 | Dislike: 1207

This Mod adds in Lucky Blocks that make structures!
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Roblox Lucky Structures:

In this 1.8 Structure Lucky Block Mod Showcase:
This Minecraft Mod adds in lucky blocks that spawn in instant structures! With amazing lucky you can get instant diamonds emeralds and gold! With bad luck you can spawn in tons of mobs!

Intro by:
Song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records:
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In this 1.12.2 Living Blocks Mod Showcase:
This Minecraft Mod adds in mobs that are made of blocks! They have crazy abilities and are super powerful! You will not survive this challenge!

Intro by:...

The Biggest Man-Made Structures In The WorldThe Biggest Man-Made Structures In The World
00:12:39February 22, 2018, 12:47 pm
The Biggest Man-Made Structures In The World

Channel: BE AMAZED & Total View: 1922227

beamazed, amazed, top, Be Amazed, Burj Khalifa, Skyscraper, structures, building, Dubai, top 10, New Century Global, Century Global Center, Great Wall, huge man-made objects, biggest, list, earth, huge construction hall, biggest man-made structures, Large Hadron Collider, newly constructed airships, Boeing Everett Factory, floor space, Composite wing center, steel framed buildings, skyscrapers, tallest building, tallest buildings, biggest buildings, largest, largest building

Add Date: February 22, 2018, 12:47 pm & Duration: 00:12:39

Likes: 11305 | Dislike: 1008

There are huge man-made objects made by human beings. Brick by brick, piece by piece, these huge structures may seem impossibly gargantuan, but they stand as reminders of man’s ingenuity and dedication. Here are ten of the largest structures ever made by humans.
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English Sentence Structure - English Grammar Lesson

Channel: Oxford Online English & Total View: 579373

english sentence structure, sentence structure, learn english sentence structure, sentence structure lesson, english grammar lesson, grammar lesson, learn english grammar, english grammar lessons, grammar structure, english sentence structure rules, grammar lessons, english sentence structure order, grammar lessons english, oxford online english, oxford online english grammar

Add Date: May 26, 2018, 1:21 am & Duration: 00:21:05

Likes: 10500 | Dislike: 338

In this lesson, you can learn about sentence structure in English.
You’ll learn how to construct all kinds of sentences in English, from the simplest possible sentences, to long, complex sentences which contain many different ideas. Practice using correct sentence structure and post your example sentences in the comments!

See the full version of this lesson on our website:

In this lesson, you'll learn:
- How to build simple sentences.
- Using compliments.
- Adding onto simple sentences to create more detailed sentence structure.
- How to add description to your sentence.
- How to make complex sentences with independent clauses.
- How to make complex sentences with dependent clauses.

1. How to Build a Simple Sentence 0:32
2. Complements - What Comes Next? 2:58
3. Adding Description to Your Sentences 8:43
4. How to Make Complex Sentences with Independent Clauses 11:41
5. How to Make Complex Sentences with Dependent Clauses 15:36

To see more free English lessons like this one, visit our website:

โครงสร้างประโยค Sentence Structure By Kru Somsri

Channel: Krusomsri Classroom & Total View: 15453

No Video Tags

Add Date: July 18, 2018, 1:49 am & Duration: 00:20:26

Likes: 362 | Dislike: 2

โครงสร้างประโยค Sentence Structure By Kru Somsri

พร้อมแล้ว Download มานั่งเรียนไปพร้อมกันเลยจร้า :

"สั้น กระชับ หมัดตรง"
...สังคมดี เราดี ดีด้วยกัน...
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Baeclast #35 Betrayal Reward StructureBaeclast #35 Betrayal Reward Structure
02:39:45January 12, 2019, 11:20 am
Baeclast #35 Betrayal Reward Structure

Channel: Tarke Cat & Total View: 14151

satire, family, friendly, poe, path, exile, podcast, baeclast, diablo, ggg, grinding, gear, games, blizzard, mobile, arpg, xbox, ps4, tarke, tarkecat, raiz, raizqt, nugi, nugiyen, empyrian, empyriangaming, octavian, octavian0, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.2, 3.1, betrayal, jun, syndicate, guide, build, tutorial, delve, incursion, bestiary, craft, crafting, multi, meta, mod, reward, rewards, exalt, chaos, fossil, farm, farming, alva, einhar, nico, prophecy, drama, atlas, uber, elder, shaper, boss, atziri, beginner

Add Date: January 12, 2019, 11:20 am & Duration: 02:39:45

Likes: 303 | Dislike: 12

It's a new year and that means a new Baeclast. Today's episode is focusing on the reward structure of Betrayal and the master rework introducing Bestiary, Incursion & Delve into the core game. We are joined by the usual lineup of RaizQT, Nugiyen & Octavian0 and a suprise last minute Empy for our breakdown on the state of crafting in a world of multi modding items.


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Structure Fire Response 1-8-19Structure Fire Response 1-8-19
00:33:17January 10, 2019, 10:54 am
Structure Fire Response 1-8-19

Channel: MILTON FIRE & RESCUE & Total View: 5093

fire, department, structure, structurefire, structure fire, house fire, firefighter, building fire, fire department

Add Date: January 10, 2019, 10:54 am & Duration: 00:33:17

Likes: 128 | Dislike: 6

Car 8501 responding to a structure fire. Homeowner and dog escaped uninjured. Fire spread quickly due to 30 to 40 mph winds.

Properties and Grain StructureProperties and Grain Structure
00:18:30September 3, 2014, 6:56 pm
Properties and Grain Structure

Channel: moodlemech & Total View: 357392

Engineering, Mechanical, Metallurgy

Add Date: September 3, 2014, 6:56 pm & Duration: 00:18:30

Likes: 4033 | Dislike: 48

Properties and Grain Structure: BBC 1973 Engineering Craft Studies

Hexagonal Closed Packed Structure 3D AnimationHexagonal Closed Packed Structure 3D Animation
00:05:07August 1, 2015, 3:05 am
Hexagonal Closed Packed Structure 3D Animation

Channel: Creative Learning & Total View: 280672

Hexagonal Crystal System, Close-packing of equal spheres, Hexagonal Closed Packed Mechanical, Closest Pack Crystal Structures, HPC, Efficient Packing of Balls, Cubic Closest Packed (CCP), ccp, Coordination Number and Number of Atoms Per Unit Cell, unit cell, Similarities and Difference Between the FCC and HCP, fcc and hcp lattices, Cannonball problem, Positioning and spacing, Comparison between hcp and fcc, Lattice generation, Simple hcp lattice, chemistry, education, class 12

Add Date: August 1, 2015, 3:05 am & Duration: 00:05:07

Likes: 2732 | Dislike: 100

Closest-Packed Structures

Efficient Packing of Balls

Suppose you are given a large number of tennis balls and asked to pack them together in the most efficient fashion. What is the most efficient packing strategy? One could toss all the balls together in a box and shack the box to induce the balls to settle. The resulting packing of the balls is called a random closest-packed structure. Not surprisingly it is not the most efficient way to pack the tennis balls.

Although there are a variety of factors that influence how atoms pack together in crystals, atoms generally seek the most efficient packing structure in order to maximumize intermolecular attractions. Metals provide the simplest packing case, because these atoms can generally be regarded as uniform spheres.

The two most efficient packing arrangements are the hexagonal closest-packed structure (hcp) and the cubic closest-packed structure (ccp). This exercise focuses on the hexagonal closest-packed structure, and the next exercise deals with the cubic closest-packed structure.

In a crystal the atoms are arranged in a regular repeating pattern. The smallest repeating unit is called the unit cell. The entire structure can be reconstructed from knowledge of the unit cell....

forward maxilla // flawless facial structure including mewing, tongue posture, and breathing habits

Channel: King™ & Total View: 303

No Video Tags

Add Date: January 13, 2019, 1:23 pm & Duration: 00:00:11

Likes: 33 | Dislike: 1

ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴋɪɴɢ’s ʀᴇᴀʟᴍ.

◈ → ᴛᴀʙʟᴇ ᴏғ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛs ˎˊ˗
──── ⋆✦⋆ ────
♛ → ɴᴏᴛᴇs ˎˊ˗
♚ → ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs ˎˊ˗

♛ → ɴᴏᴛᴇs ˎˊ˗
──── ⋆✦⋆ ────
◈ hey guys! this is probably the last sub i am uploading for a while. i’m not gonna go into detail and please don’t ask! i added a lot more features while writing than what’s displayed and i will update them when i have time later this month. enjoy!

♚ → ғᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇs ˎˊ˗
──── ⋆✦⋆ ────
◈ forward maxilla
◈ upward maxilla
◈ horizontally-projected maxilla
◈ attractive maxilla
◈ aligned maxilla
◈ defined maxilla
◈ strong maxilla
◈ prominent maxilla
◈ perfectly sized maxilla
◈ perfectly shaped maxilla
◈ perfectly positioned maxilla
◈ forward mandible
◈ aligned mandible
◈ perfectly sized mandible
◈ perfectly shaped mandible
◈ perfectly positioned mandible
◈ youthful face
◈ attractive face
◈ uplifted face
◈ stunning side profile
◈ attractive side...

Every New Structure in the New VillagesEvery New Structure in the New Villages
00:21:00November 30, 2018, 10:55 am
Every New Structure in the New Villages

Channel: OMGcraft - Minecraft Tips & Tutorials! & Total View: 88748

villages, minecraft village, village, new structures, new structures minecraft 1.14, minecraft, minecraft pe new villages, new minecraft snapshot, minecraft 1.10 new villages, new villages, minecraft 1.14 new villagers, minecraft 1.10 new mobs, new villagers, minecraft village and pillage, structure blocks, structure, xbox 360 seeds with all structures, minecraft xbox 360 seeds with all structures, new city building games

Add Date: November 30, 2018, 10:55 am & Duration: 00:21:00

Likes: 2209 | Dislike: 168

In this episode, I show off the NEW Minecraft villages and all the new structures/buildings you can expect to find within them!

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00:29:50May 17, 2017, 8:56 pm

Channel: M Learning India & Total View: 117381

iit jee, aipmt, ntse, neet, aiims

Add Date: May 17, 2017, 8:56 pm & Duration: 00:29:50

Likes: 1121 | Dislike: 125

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