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Build Curbless Walk In Shower on Concrete Floor (Part 4: Waterproofing)

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We share how to waterproof the shower pan, cement board walls, and entire bathroom floor using KBRS's ShowerSeal. This step is critical and we dive into great detail.

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-Bathroom Remodeling Guide --
-Bathroom Repair Tutor --
-KBRS ShowerSeal --
-KBRS ShowerSeal Fabric --

The first step is to cut all the ShowerSeal fabric for the corners and seams. Also, this curbless walk in shower got two coats of the KBRS ShowerSeal, which we highly recommend.

Remove any paper or stickers on the cement board. Then wipe down the mud pan with a damp sponge. Stir the KBRS ShowerSeal for at least 30 seconds and apply it in the corners of the shower pan.

Apply the ShowerSeal Fabric to the inside and outside corners, and apply more ShowerSeal to make the corner as flat as possible. Use the fabric to then waterproof around the linear drain flange and transitions between the cement board and shower pan.

ShowerSeal fabric should be evenly spaced and have a 2" overlap on either side of the cement board or seams being covered.

Waterproof the cement board walls using fabric over the...

Silestone - Shower Tray Installation - ENSilestone - Shower Tray Installation - EN
00:05:26June 29, 2018, 2:31 am
Silestone - Shower Tray Installation - EN

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Installation process of a Silestone shower tray. The installation manual can be found at

How to install a shower pre slope or pre pitch on concrete

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How to tile, How to install floor tile, how to install tile, tile installation, tile shower installation, pre pitch shower pan, pre slope shower pan, how to lay tile, tile shower, tile floor, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, bathroom tile, shower stall installation, shower mud pan, how to intall a pre pitch, prepitch in a shower, mud pre pitch, mud pre slope, mud pre slope on concrete

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How to install Mud in a shower floor

A pre pitch or pre slope under a shower pan liner is an essential part of a successful tile shower installation. A pre slope is the base under the shower pan liner which is pitched so that the any water that manages to get into the shower base can be directed to the weep holes in the three piece drain and out of the liner. If a pre slope is not installed under the liner then any water that filters into the base of the shower will remain there. To install a pre slope on a concrete base first spread a thin layer of thinset with a notched trowel, while it is still fresh, the deck mud is then shaped on top of the thinset so that there is a slope of ¼" per foot sloping towards the drain. The part of the base furthest away from the drain will be higher than the drain, so as to create a positive pitch towards the drain.
All tile installed by Sal DiBlasi, Elite-tile Company, in the Boston North Shore area. This video contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you click on the product link.

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00:08:06May 17, 2011, 12:24 pm

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In the last 2 years, because of the bad economy, I've had at least 8 jobs I've had to do over after someone else screwed it up...I really hate that customer has to pay twice DESPITE it gets me work, so PLEASE check out your contractor, get lots of pictures of their work & lots of references. In this video the guy never installed a pan liner when he built the shower !!! Besides all the other small mistakes, not putting in the liner really takes the cake....the customer did the tear out of the job, I wished I had so I could show you this ridiculous oversight.

Build Curbless Walk In Shower on Concrete Floor (Part 1: Tips to Make Shower Pan)

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how to build walk in shower on concrete floor, build walk in shower on concrete floor, how to build a curbless shower, how to build a basement shower, how to build a curbless walk in shower, home repair tutor

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Today's video shares 5 quick tips for how to make a curbless shower pan for a walk in shower on a concrete subfloor. This is phase 1 of building the curbless mud pan. Our next video will show tips for phase 2.

Helpful links:

-Bathroom Remodeling Guide --
-Bathroom Repair Tutor --
-Milwaukee Mud Mixer --
-Bucket Mortar Mixer Paddle --

The first step is to get all the plumbing in place. Hire a licensed plumber if you're not comfortable doing this yourself. Get the shower drain, toilet stack, and sink drain installed.

Step 2: consider using a linear drain. If you've never made a shower pan then linear drains make it a lot easier to screed the pan. We used a KBRS linear drain for this project.

Step 3: following local building codes, we used a 4 mil plastic vapor barrier and gravel to prevent moisture from wicking up into the pan

Step 4: use a high strength concrete to build the initial phase of the shower pan. Quikrete's high strength concrete mixed according to the directions is a great option.

Step 5: flatten the concrete in preparation for the next phase of the...

How to Make a Shower PanHow to Make a Shower Pan
00:25:06October 20, 2017, 1:14 pm
How to Make a Shower Pan

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Shower pan, shower base, how to build a shower pan, concrete shower pan, concrete shower base, diy shower base, diy shower pan, tile shower floor, tile shower base, DIY shower, Tile shower, build, mortar, mortar shower pan, How to make a shower pan, making a shower pan, mortar shower, oatey pan liner, pan liner, tileable shower base, shower base for tile, shower base installation

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DIY step by step instructions on how to build a mortar shower pan.

Products used:

Shower Pan Liner:

Concrete Trowel:

Shower Drain:

Items discussed in the video

Dam Corner:

Shower pitch guides:

Please consider joining my Patreon network. I just started it, but I think it can be a great resource for anyone taking on projects around the home. You'll have direct contact with me and will also be able to take advantage of my access to my very talented subcontractors who are some of the best in their trades. That being said, you do not have to join and I will always do my best to answer any questions you leave in the comments. I really do enjoy sharing everything I know about building and remodeling homes!

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DIY blue concrete shower floor Part 3 Pouring the Top layer

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concrete, slab, Do It Yourself (Hobby), diy, pouring, mixing, shower, bathroom, wetroom, pan, cobalt, Cobalt Blue (Color), casting, stainless steel reinforcement, color, colored concrete, coloured concrete

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Pouring the Top layer and finishing the concrete

I wanted a relatively cheap wetroom floor. I made a tanked area from wood and wallboard. I tanked it using a proprietary tanking compound. I poured one layer of concrete without any colourant and placed the 2" stainless steel reinforcing grid on top of this. I pressed it in a bit and then waited for the base layer, shown in part 2, to cure a bit. Then I mixed and placed the blue top layer. I used 1.2 kg of cobalt blue cement dye to colour the mix. I added it at a rate of 6% by weight of cement. I mixed the concrete at a rate of 3.5:1. so i used 90 kg of sand to 25 kg of cement.

once the concrete had cured for about 2 days i treated it with a coat of concrete sealant, the kind for driveways. Nothing fancy!

So far the shower pan has worked well. It takes about 3 showers a day. so it has had about 100 showers so far and it does not hold hair like some non slip wetroom finishes even though it is rough enough to be considered non slip. I use a squeegee to clear away as much water as possible after each shower and so far this has kept it clean enough. I have not had to use any cleaning products on it.

Installing Mortar Shower Pan VideoInstalling Mortar Shower Pan Video
00:08:09January 11, 2010, 5:31 pm
Installing Mortar Shower Pan Video

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shower pan, mortar shower pan, install mortar shower pan, installing mortar shower pan, mortar shower pan installation, build shower pan, build mortar shower pan, shower pan liner, shower pan mortar base, how to build mortar shower pan, how to build shower pan, how to make shower pan, how to build shower pan on wood floor, how to build shower pan on concrete, HomeAdditionPlus, Mark Donovan, build custom ceramic tile shower, video, leak free shower pan, yt:crop=16:9

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Mark Donovan of shows how to install a mortar shower pan for a custom ceramic tile shower. For more information on installing a mortar shower pan see my "Shower Pan Membrane Liner Installation" Ebook. You can find it at: Proper mortar shower pan installation is critical for ensuring a leak free mortar shower pan. This HomeAdditionPlus video will show you how to build a shower pan than that will never leak.

Build A Shower...TIPS and TRICKS ! part 1Build A Shower...TIPS and TRICKS ! part 1
00:30:55August 25, 2017, 10:23 pm
Build A Shower...TIPS and TRICKS ! part 1

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shower, tub to shower, shower conversion, tub to shower conversion, convert tub to shower, building a shower, how to build a shower, bathroom renovation, bathroom makeover, renovate bathroom, shower pan, shower pan liner, folds in pan liner, tile contractor, starrtile, starr tile, sal diblasi, home repair tutor, tilemasterga, tilemaster, floor and decor, the tile shop, the home depot, seejanedrill, how to tile, tile your bathroom, cleaning tile, tile tricks

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The process of building a shower ground up is difficult, there are many aspects, there is an order in doing each task, and there are dangers if not done right. In this video I cover things people have asked me about, seemingly minor things but important concerns
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Part 2 ...
Part 3 ..

How to build a shower base with concreteHow to build a shower base with concrete
00:09:19January 31, 2014, 9:55 am
How to build a shower base with concrete

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shower pan, tub to shower, mortar shower pan, how to tile, tile shower, shower pan liner, pvc liner, how to build a shower pan, shower pan installation on concrete, how to build a shower, how to make a shower pan, concrete shower pan, shower base installation, how to tile a shower floor, building a shower pan, shower base, how to build a shower pan on concrete floor, how to build shower pan, tile shower floor, how to make a shower, how to pour a shower pan, DIY

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To get this shower floor drain and other supplies go to:
Having a beautiful shower is the dream of many of us, to be able to fell relaxed and regenerated after each time we use it is one of the most inspiring feelings. When I build showers I think about the positive impact in my client's life or to whoever I am designing of building one for. As you demolish several of them you start seeing a pattern of flaws that can be corrected with new technologies and materials available, PVC shower liners are designed to protect the sub-floor as the first element attached to the drain lines; its proper installation is crucial for the preservation of all the elements that conform the system, those are: the PVC liner, the mortar mixture (sand and cement), the thin set cement, the tiles and the joints grout. the liner must be inclined towards the drain always preventing areas higher than the liner so the water can drain properly.
You can create virtually any type of design as long as it has the proper inclination. I try to always use tiles that can create a non slippery...

How To Install Showerpan Liner & MortarHow To Install Showerpan Liner & Mortar
00:16:18December 25, 2013, 9:45 pm
How To Install Showerpan Liner & Mortar

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showerpan, instruction, diy, do it yourself, how to, shower, atlanta, georgia, starrtile, tilemaster, cobb, cobb county, tile, tiler, tile setter, liner, pan liner, pvc liner, waterproof, redgard, starr tile, elite tile, tilemasterga

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I show the basics of installing a pan & explain reasons why I do it the way I do.

HUGE TILE MISTAKE (Contractor pours CONCRETE shower pan ! )

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shower, shower pan, bad job, bad showerpan, showerpan, tile, tiling, renovation, shower build, starrtile, starr tile, tilemasteratl, tile master, atlanta, georgia, atlanta georgia, cobb, cobb county, fulton, fulton county, tile shop, the tile shop, floor and decor, floor decor, zumpano, zumpano tile, daltile, dal tile, travertine, ceramic, marble, porcelain, horrible shower, how to, how to build shower, how to build shower pan, diy shower, diy, home repair

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I subbed myself out to a contractor to do some tile work, his helper prepped the floors and showers, all I have to do is tile...but what sloppy work on the prep ! By the time I got to the shower I had to walk off the job because of this horrible pan he built.

How To Install & Pour Shower PanHow To Install & Pour Shower Pan
00:31:28December 20, 2016, 11:09 pm
How To Install & Pour Shower Pan

Channel: StarrTile & Total View: 142412

shower pan, pan liner, mortar mix, how to pour pan, building shower pan, pouring shower pan, dry pack mortar bed, mortar bed, shower pan liner, setting shower pan, shower curb, shower floor, shower drain, cutting pan liner, drain for shower, cement shower pan, building a shower, starr tile, starrtile, atlanta, georgia, tile master ga, elite tile, floor and decor, lowes, home depot, this old house, seejanedrill, the tile shop, how to tile, tile contractor

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I show the way I set a shower pan liner and set the mortar mix. Some say "drypack" your mortar bed, I disagree..makes it VERY difficult and although you don't want TOO MUCH water, it should be easy to work with. Mortar mix is after all, brick/block mortar, and masons do NOT dry pack their work.

How to build a waterproof shower base with concreteHow to build a waterproof shower base with concrete
00:06:19November 10, 2015, 8:43 am
How to build a waterproof shower base with concrete

Channel: How to Lay a Tile Floor & Total View: 113754

Shower, How to, build, waterproof, How to build, build a waterproof shower base, shower base, concrete

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How to build a waterproof shower base with concrete.

Well there's some pain is hard and I'm ready to put the pan but first I'd like
0:12to go over a few of the features that I like to see in pan construction its
0:17funding this is where I started in the tile business and a shower in not
0:22putting it in but tearing them out thousands of them and most of them
0:27league because there is just a little pin hole here there was nothing very
0:30major the bad part about redoing a shower stall like this just cost per
0:36square foot basis this is one of the most costly tile installations of all
0:41normally would I see here is blocking Tony out in between two studs that's
0:48fine but in order to get that blocking in you need to put lots of toenails and
0:54those heads going at an angle and those angle heads can pierce the pan so
0:59instead of that I like a rabbit out two studs and let in a single piece of
1:03plywood that allows just a minimum number of meals to hold it in place and
1:08the nails that are used are flush with the top of the plywood the second
1:13problem area is right here on the threshold meets the jam as a spot where
1:18a lot of pinholes start and a lot of leaks...

Part 2 How to Make a Concrete Shower BasePart 2 How to Make a Concrete Shower Base
00:05:22April 13, 2017, 4:41 pm
Part 2 How to Make a Concrete Shower Base

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DIY, renovation, reno, showerbase, howto, how-to

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Part 2 of the new bathroom project. This how-to video shows how to prepare the floor, create the form, pouring the concrete, and sloping the base.

Shower / bathroom / new floor / concrete / drain / DIY

Channel: GØR DET SELV TIPS / DIY / Thomas Hedegaard & Total View: 879

diy, bathroom, shower, fix, do it, concrete, new, floor, how to

Add Date: October 9, 2017, 6:49 am & Duration: 00:01:40

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How To Install Shower Pan Part 2 ( complete step by step how to )

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shower pan, how to install shower pan, shower pan liner, shower pan how to, shower pan preslope, shower pan mud, setting drain in shower, how to install shower drain, oatey drain, installing shower pan, diy shower pan, pitch perfect, starrtile, starr tile, elite tile, tilemasterga, tile shop, tile store, floor and decor, atlanta, georgia, atlanta georgia, cobb county, fulton county, tile tricks, tile 101

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Part two is showing the pan liner, how to set drain assembly, and how to get proper slope.

Shower Pan Failure and RebuildShower Pan Failure and Rebuild
00:37:19November 23, 2015, 7:20 am
00:26:22March 18, 2018, 7:12 am

Channel: StarrTile & Total View: 87406

shower drain, drain on concrete, tub to shower, drain in concrete, shower drain on slab, shower drain foundation, shower drain basement, basement shower drain, how to install shower drain, installation of shower drain, plumbing shower drain, concrete shower drain, drain for slab house, tub drain, sal diblasi, this old house, home repair tutor, seejanedrill, plumbing 101, DIY plumbing, plumbing tricks, plumbing in shower, plumbing in bathtub

Add Date: March 18, 2018, 7:12 am & Duration: 00:26:22

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The process of installing a drain from a tub to shower conversion, transition from 1 1/2'' to a 2'' drain is shown in a worse scenario than you'll probably encounter, because I had to bust up some concrete to make it happen...normally NOT the case.

How to make a shower base with concreteHow to make a shower base with concrete
00:09:46May 1, 2016, 7:27 pm
How to make a shower base with concrete

Channel: Hugo Correa & Total View: 178246

tile shower installation, how to lay tile, tub to shower, mortar shower pan, pvc liner, how to build shower pan, how to build a shower pan, shower base installation, building a shower pan, how to build a shower, concrete shower pan, how to make a shower pan, shower base, pan liner, mortar shower pan installation, shower pan, concrete shower floor, how to make a shower, shower floor, concrete shower base, cement shower pan, concrete shower, shower pan liner

Add Date: May 1, 2016, 7:27 pm & Duration: 00:09:46

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If you need this drain go to: (affiliate)
One important part of a bathroom renovation is the shower base construction, some important steps must be taken to ensure the longevity of the project. follow this important steps to make your next project. Thank you for watching, please subscribe, share and like.

shower base Installationshower base Installation
00:02:07April 15, 2012, 5:14 am
shower base Installation

Channel: 1966human & Total View: 381987

shower, base, instalation, cement, concrete, slab, fix, put, renew, plumding, Repair, Construction, house, installation, how, problem

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A video put together from the " Complete unit renovation " play list

GFRC Shower Pan - Glass Fiber Reinforced ConcreteGFRC Shower Pan - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
00:31:53March 29, 2013, 4:03 pm
GFRC Shower Pan - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Channel: TrinicLLC & Total View: 50592

GFRC, concrete countertops, gfrc countertops, high perfornace concrete, scc concrete, GFRC admixture, Concrete (Collection Category), glass fiber reinforced countertops, how to make concrete countertops, row2, engineered cement composites, UHPC, Ultra High Performance Concrete

Add Date: March 29, 2013, 4:03 pm & Duration: 00:31:53

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GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)- Large, seamless GFRC Shower Pan constructed using Trinic's GFRC Admixture. UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete)

Contact Trinic:

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How to Install a Mortar Shower Pan before applying Membrane

Channel: Nassrin's DIY & Total View: 63796

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Add Date: November 23, 2017, 7:49 am & Duration: 00:10:39

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Follow along as I install the mortar bed in my shower remodel project. I hope you enjoy the video and it helps you with your future projects! Don't forget to subscribe and share my videos!

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How to install a shower trayHow to install a shower tray
00:08:05December 28, 2013, 9:57 am
How to install a shower tray

Channel: Ultimate Handyman & Total View: 2316954

Install shower tray, install shower base, ella shower base, ella shower tray, fitting shower tray, fitting shower base, install quadrant tray, fitting quadrant shower tray, ultimatehandyman

Add Date: December 28, 2013, 9:57 am & Duration: 00:08:05

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This video shows how to install a quadrant shower tray onto a chipboard floor using a mortar base. The ratio for the mortar mix was 5 sand to 1 cement. Brought to you by
If you want to make 100% certain the shower tray never leaks you can use a sealing strip like this

How to mix mortar can be seen here-

Concrete Shower Base DemolitionConcrete Shower Base Demolition
00:01:26July 19, 2011, 6:37 pm
Concrete Shower Base Demolition

Channel: Ben Snyder & Total View: 14100


Add Date: July 19, 2011, 6:37 pm & Duration: 00:01:26

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