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The Largest Photovoltaic Power Station in China龙羊峡“水光互补”光伏电站

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The Longyangxia Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam at the entrance of the Longyangxia canyon on the Yellow River in Gonghe County, Qinghai Province, China. The dam is 178 metres (584 ft) tall and was built for the purposes of hydroelectric power generation, irrigation, ice control and flood control.

In 2013 a solar photovoltaic station was built with a nameplate capacity of 320 MWp (Phase I), covering 9 square kilometres (3.5 sq mi).An additional 530 MWp (Phase II) was completed in 2015,covering further 14 square kilometres (5.4 sq mi), making Longyangxia Dam Solar Park, with 850 MWp capacity, the largest photovoltaic power station in China.

The solar power station is integrated with the Hydroelectric power station. The park is coupled to one of the hydroelectric turbines, which automatically regulate the output to balance the variable generation from solar before dispatching power to the grid. This limits the problems connected to variable solar generation while helping to conserve water.

A 2418m long, 5*120m main span beam bridge named Gamayangqu Yellow River bridge 尕玛羊曲黄河特大桥 built just upstrem of Longyangxia reservoir, N 35.685871, E 100.265136. With pier 111m tall,it will become the largest also highest bridge in Qinghai...

Shanghai Drone Video Tour | ExpediaShanghai Drone Video Tour | Expedia
00:02:46January 12, 2017, 10:10 pm
Shanghai Drone Video Tour | Expedia

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Shanghai, China, drone, city tour

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Check out the best sights and attractions Shanghai has to offer through aerial drone footage of this incredible holiday destination.

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Suzhou, China - Aerial footageSuzhou, China - Aerial footage
00:02:47December 29, 2016, 7:50 pm
Suzhou, China - Aerial footage

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suzhou, china, Jiangsu

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- All credits go to RudyKu, Suzhou

- 航拍苏州之上 Sights Beyond Suzhou by RudyKu SkyPixel drone video.

- Most of the video was shot in SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park).

Yongshun to Jishou expressway航拍永吉高速公路

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Yongshun to Jishou expressway located in Hunan province.

Aerial View Hangzhou to Jingdezhen Expressway航拍杭新景高速公路

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Hangzhou to Jingdezhen expressway id the third expressway link Hangzhou and Jiangxi province. Mostly build in mountain area western part of Zhejiang province.

Aerial Chengdu 天府之国——成都 Aerial photography tour ,Sichuan

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China, PLA, 關鍵時刻, 年代向錢看, 新台灣加油, 前進新台灣, 樂透開獎號碼, 網路酸辣湯, 壹起來翻轉, 新聞龍捲風, 有話好說, 57金錢爆, 新聞面對面, 重磅新聞, 年代晚報, 挑戰新聞, 新聞挖挖哇, 正晶現實批, 錢線百分百, 麗文正經話, 大家講看嘜, 頭家來開講, 大陆, 中国, 共产党, 共匪, 大紀元, 新唐人, 台灣落後大陸, 美国之音, 台湾广场, 高铁, CRH, 中共, 三峡, J歼20, J歼31, 052D, 习近平, 薄熙来, 飞弹, DF21D

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╮(╯_╰)╭ 欢迎 | Want to promote or learn more about Chinese, please refer to my home page. The video playlist in constantly update each city aerial video and military economic technology development status of the past few years and I hope to help you

Shanghai Nanpu BridgeShanghai Nanpu Bridge
00:05:38August 24, 2011, 8:33 pm
Shanghai Nanpu Bridge

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Bridge south of the Bund, in Shanghai

Nanpu Bridge In Color - Shanghai (HD1080p)Nanpu Bridge In Color - Shanghai (HD1080p)
00:04:44December 2, 2015, 4:18 am
Nanpu Bridge In Color - Shanghai (HD1080p)

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Aerial view Lupu bridge航拍卢浦大桥Aerial view Lupu bridge航拍卢浦大桥
00:01:41July 15, 2016, 2:07 pm
Aerial view Lupu bridge航拍卢浦大桥

Channel: Chinese bridge & Total View: 2215


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The largest steel box arch in the world with 550m span,located in Shanghai city.

Aerial view Humen bridge航拍虎门大桥Aerial view Humen bridge航拍虎门大桥
00:02:53August 1, 2016, 4:19 pm
Aerial view Humen bridge航拍虎门大桥

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Humen Pearl River bridge,main span 888m,8 lane suspension bridge.
Becouse of traffic jam,there a new Humen 2nd bridge with 1688 and 1200m double span inder construction upstream of this bridge.

Humen 2nd bridge animation:

南宁航拍/NANNIN Aerial南宁航拍/NANNIN Aerial
00:07:32April 5, 2016, 5:59 pm
南宁航拍/NANNIN Aerial

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Shanghai-Lujiazui 2017! Xiaomi Drone Test! HDShanghai-Lujiazui 2017! Xiaomi Drone Test! HD
00:02:13March 2, 2017, 8:08 am
Shanghai-Lujiazui 2017! Xiaomi Drone Test! HD

Channel: Victor Bada & Total View: 6241

lujiazui, lujiazui park, financial center, financial centre shanghai, bottle opener, shanghai, shanghai 2017, xiaomi, xiaomi drone, vic videos, tallest buildings in the world, world tallest, world greatest, park, 陆家嘴, 上海, 中国, 小米, 小米无人机, 无人机, xiaomi drone test fly

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Some Footage of Lujiazui Area in Shanghai!

Made by Xiaomi Drone.

February 2017.

Aerial view Yichang city I 航拍湖北宜昌市(1)

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Yichang is the 3rd largest city in Hubei province, in this small city there are 10 spectacular Yangtze river bridges,from upstream to downstream:

Xiangxi Yangtze,508m span arch
Xiling Yangtze,900m span cable-stayed
Zhixi Yangtze,838m span cable-stayed
Yiling Yangtze, 2*348m span cable-stayed
Yichang Railway Yangtze,2*275m span arch
Wujiagang Yangtze,1160m span suspension
Yichang Yangtze,960m span suspension
Honghuatao Yangtze,planning,do't know...

Top 10 Craziest IntersectionsTop 10 Craziest Intersections
00:04:18September 17, 2015, 11:45 am
Top 10 Craziest Intersections

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YouTube Editor, Magic Roundabout (Location), Gravelly Hill Interchange (Location), Spaghetti Juction, Gate Tower Building, Judge Harry Pregerson, Nanpu Bridge (Bridge), Springfield Interchange, Arc De Triomphe (Tourist Attraction), intersection, roundabout, interchange, Los Angeles (City/Town/Village), Shanghai (City/Town/Village), motorway, crazy, unusual, road, top10, Best, insane, junction, highway, autobahn, Drive, Engineering8Media

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This video features world's most unusual interchanges from any metrics—such as design, driving experience, project costs, historic values and many more..

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10. Gravely Hill Interchange
Also called 'Spaghetti Juction', its is one of earliest stack interchange in the world as it opened in 1972. It is located in Birmingham, England.

9. Gate Tower Building
Located in Osaka, Japan; it is the only elevated interchange that goes into buildings. It happens due to landlord refused to gave up land, hence the an agreement archived with such design.

8. Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange
Found in Los Angeles, USA; it is one of a few five-level stack interchanges existed in America. What makes this one so special since it also integrated with metro line and bus transit station right in the middle.

7. Nanpu Bridge Interchange
Located right in the middle of Shanghai, it's unique circular design is a smart way to integrate 3 highways while elevating traffic into a...

Macau, Hong Kong 2017 HD!!Macau, Hong Kong 2017 HD!!
00:04:23February 25, 2017, 5:23 pm
Macau, Hong Kong 2017 HD!!

Channel: Victor Bada & Total View: 23994

macau, hong kong, vic videos, xiaomi drone, xiaoyi, xiaomi, botanical garden hong kong, drones footage, aerial footage, bada family, victor bada, bada, hong kong by night, macau by night, hong kong islands, 香港, 澳门

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HD Drone views of Macau & Hong Kong.

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Made by: Vic Videos

Music: Kygo Ft. Conrad Sewell - Firestone

Shot by: Xiaomi drone 1080p, Xiaoyi 1080p

Bridges of China—Aerial Drone Footage航拍四渡河、忠建河、矮寨大桥

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Siduhe, Aizhai, Megastructure

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Aerial view Siduhe Bridge(900m span,496m high)00:00-01:24
Zhongjianhe Bridge(400m span,260m high)01:25-05:19
and Aizhai Bridge(1176m span,336m high)05:20-07:48
original file(2160p):

Aerial view Sha'anxi expressway航拍陕西高速公路

Channel: Chinese bridge & Total View: 13819

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Sha'anxi is a poverty mountainous province located in north west China,far from the ocean. The expressway in Sha'anxi featured by many long tunnels,including world longest expressway tunnel——18km long Zhongnanshan tunnel; world longest 6 lane expressway tunnel——15.56km Tiantaishan tunnel(under construction);world longest tunnel group——Qinling tunnel group,etc.Why people build much more tunnels than bridges in Sha'anxi becouse people live in valleys,need tunnels connect each valley,do't like Guizhou,there people live on plateau. But there are also many high bridges in Sha'anxi,mostly beam bridges, such as Sanshuihe bridge with 183m pier. From this video 3:14-3:19 we can see a conventional high beam bridge :

航拍中国 第六集 上海 【Aerial China EP06 Shanghai】

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Expressway in Yuhuan Island航拍玉环岛高速公路Expressway in Yuhuan Island航拍玉环岛高速公路
00:11:55February 21, 2018, 2:30 am
Expressway in Yuhuan Island航拍玉环岛高速公路

Channel: Chinese bridge & Total View: 5713

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Yuhuan is a small island in East China Sea which has 169 square kilometers.

Shanghai! Nanpu Bridge 2017! HD!Shanghai! Nanpu Bridge 2017! HD!
00:01:59March 4, 2017, 6:34 am
Shanghai! Nanpu Bridge 2017! HD!

Channel: Victor Bada & Total View: 57707

shanghai, shanghai 2017, shanghai spring, xiaomi, xiaomi drone, xiaoyi, vic videos, nanpu, nanpu da qiao, 南浦大桥·, nanpu bridge, china, china 2017, 上海, 中国, 上海 中国

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Shanghai! Nanpu Bridge 2017!

Nanpu bridge is a 423m span cable-stayed bridge,built in 1991,it is the first large cable-stayed bridge in China. Located in Huangpu district,Shanghai city.

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Shot by Xiaomi Drone 1080p

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Shanghai Tower 上海中心大厦Shanghai Tower 上海中心大厦
00:02:19September 12, 2017, 6:56 am
Shanghai Tower 上海中心大厦

Channel: Chinese bridge & Total View: 3724542

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Yulin Aerial航拍榆林Yulin Aerial航拍榆林
00:04:35November 5, 2018, 2:43 pm
Yulin Aerial航拍榆林

Channel: Chinese bridge & Total View: 2813

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Yulin is a small desert city in Sha'anxi province,northwest of China:,_Shaanxi
only about 0.3 million people lived in Yulin city itself.

Aerial view Qingshuihe Bridge 清水河大桥航拍

Channel: Chinese bridge & Total View: 12739

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Qingshuihe bridge,with 1130m span and 406m high from deck to water,located in Weng'an county,Guizhou,China

China From AboveChina From Above
00:04:03October 30, 2016, 2:35 am
China From Above

Channel: Stef Hoffer & Total View: 977316

China, travel, drone, aerial, Asia, wanderlust, China From Above, city, urban, nature, landscape, scenery, adventure, footage, tourism, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Zhangjiajie, dynasty, Chinese, mountains, film, explore, amazing, stunning, beautiful, beauty, Asian, planet, clip, video, flying, music, epic

Add Date: October 30, 2016, 2:35 am & Duration: 00:04:03

Likes: 6985 | Dislike: 629

China is a vast country with a seemingly endless variety of landscapes. From the modern skylines of Shanghai and Hong Kong to the ancient city walls of Xi'an, the former capital of the 'Middle Kingdom'. Imposing rice terraces contrast with stark desert scenery, massive coal factories rub shoulders with newly built cities.

I have been privileged to visit China a number of times in the last decade or so, usually with a photo- and or video camera in hand, trying to capture glimpses of this ever evolving nation. Earlier this year, I took the opportunity to travel across the country for another 3 months, focusing primarily on aerial photography and filming.

This little adventure took me from the Northern 'rust belt provinces' to the beautiful mountain landscapes of national parks like Zhangjiajie (often named as an inspiration for the popular Avatar movie) and Jiuzhaigou. I also visited some cities to gain an aerial perspective of China's urban development, and came across several major infrastructure projects. The rural backwaters in Guangxi province were a personal favorite to explore, with the surreal Dragon's Backbone rice terraces and karst scenery around Guilin.

I edited some of this material into one single...

青島膠州灣跨海大橋 Dji Phantom 3p,11'37"飛6404.7m

Channel: 航拍視頻 & Total View: 10335

Qingdao Jiaozhouwan Bay Bridge, Dji Phantom 3 Pro, 青島膠州灣跨海大橋, 大疆精靈3, 航拍

Add Date: May 8, 2016, 3:39 pm & Duration: 00:03:08

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2016 05 02Qingdao Jiaozhouwan Bay Bridge aerial by DJI Phantom 3p,11'37” 6404.7m。

Qingdao Xinyu inovation culture media

航拍青島膠州灣跨海大橋,DJI Phantom 3p 11分37秒 飛6404.7米,視頻時間3分07秒。--青島新宇创新文化传媒

Aerial view Yichang city II 航拍湖北宜昌市(2)

Channel: Chinese bridge & Total View: 8969

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Add Date: February 6, 2017, 2:00 am & Duration: 00:06:59

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Yichang is the 3rd largest city in Hubei province, in this small city there are 10 spectacular Yangtze river bridges,from upstream to downstream:

Xiangxi Yangtze,508m span arch
Xiling Yangtze,900m span cable-stayed
Zhixi Yangtze,838m span cable-stayed
Yiling Yangtze, 2*348m span cable-stayed
Yichang Railway Yangtze,2*275m span arch
Wujiagang Yangtze,1160m span suspension
Yichang Yangtze,960m span suspension
Honghuatao Yangtze,planning,do't know...

Aerial view Jinghong city and Lancangjiang bridges航拍景洪与澜沧江大桥

Channel: Chinese bridge & Total View: 4638

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Add Date: January 20, 2017, 7:41 pm & Duration: 00:10:01

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Jinghong is a small city in south of Yunnan province,there are many Lancangjiang bridges in this city, two Lancangjiang railway bridges of Kunming to Bangkok railway will also build in Jinghong(one named Jinghong Lancangjiang railway bridge,the other named Ganlanba Lancangjiang railway bridge), each has about 70m high from deck to water. Lancangjiang has another name Mekong River in SE Asia.

Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Zhuhai Branch Animation 港珠澳大桥珠海连接线工程动画

Channel: Chinese bridge & Total View: 187655

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Add Date: February 9, 2017, 3:27 am & Duration: 00:16:08

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From 04:29-12:06 can seen Gongbei tunnel use freezing method construction,Gongbei tunnel has 345 square metres cross-section,is the largest ground freezing tunnel in the world.

Xi'an to Chengdu HSR Animation西成高铁施工动画

Channel: Chinese bridge & Total View: 12283

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Add Date: December 6, 2017, 3:43 am & Duration: 00:14:38

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Xi'an to Chengdu highspeed railway open to public today(2017,12,06). It's Sichuan province's first 250km/h railway link with other province: