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Yarn Haul! Michael's, Herrschner's, and Lion Brand

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Caron Cakes, Caron Simply Stripes, Candy Shop Yarn, Lion Brand, Shawl in a Ball, Shawl in a Cake, Soho DK Swirly Pop, Pastry Puffs, yarn, crochet, knit, iloveyarn, kjskrochet, What's on your hook?, Yarn Haul

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Check out new spring colors from Caron, Lion Brand, DK, Premier, Red Heart and Herrschner's. I've got Big Cakes, Cupcakes, Shawl in a Ball, Shawl in a Cake, Soho DK Swirly Pop, Candy Shop, Simply Stripes, and Pastry Puff! Plus a compressions sleeve you might consider.

Lost Souls Shawl by Maryetta Roy

Kid Krochet - Cloud 9NineKid Krochet - Cloud 9Nine
00:05:12November 28, 2012, 9:41 am
Kid Krochet - Cloud 9Nine

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Cloud, Nine, Original, Fresh, New, Music, 2012, Hip, Hop, Rap, Underground, Kid, Krochet, Infinity, Records, Mikey

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Kid Krochet original song "Cloud 9Nine

cloud nine, find me chilling with my peeps
got a pocket full of drugs, new kicks on my feet
in the land of milk honey, everything aint what it seems
when your tryna chase a motherfucking dream 2x

verse 1

I'm on the come up bitch, I never nose dive
I grab the weed, then it's cloud 9 float time
so high, you couldn't see me with the hubble
I'm the kid your parents warned you was trouble...
so where were you while we were getting high, getting fly
getting by, spending many nights looking at starry sky's
smokers paradise, kush got me paralyzed
living, breathing paradox, something like barry bonds
making hits, taking hits, spacey shit, got a grip
on your mind, I can take you to a place that gets
a lil harder to breathe, cuz the airs thick
full of weed smoke, and people that could careless
about your ice or the price it cost
what its worth to your life when the dice get tossed
same shit, different night, light the pipe or bong
right or wrong, it's what helped me write this song, uh

verse 2

I'd take a hundred o's, over a...

Episode 7: Krochet Kids Intl I The People's FleetEpisode 7: Krochet Kids Intl I The People's Fleet
00:03:07October 26, 2010, 12:25 am
Episode 7: Krochet Kids Intl I The People's Fleet

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The People's Fleet, Community building, TPF, TPFLA, Ford Fiesta, Prosocial, Humanitarian, Philanthropy, Charity, Generation Y, Los Angeles, Empowered by Ford, Ford Motor Company, non-profit, #tpfla,, @thepeoplesfleet, krochet kids, krochet kids intl, krochet kids international, kki, karli fairbanks

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Krochet Kids throw a party for "The Godfather" as well as their new fall product line!

Krochet Kids International InterviewKrochet Kids International Interview
00:04:03October 21, 2013, 5:27 pm
Krochet Kids International Interview

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Hello Krochet Kids! I am applying for the January 2014 Product Design Internship.
Here are my answers to the following questions:
1. Who or what have you most loved and why?
2. The sweetest place I've ever been is...?
3. If you could pick a theme song for your life, what would it be and why?

Krochet Kids InterviewKrochet Kids Interview
00:07:19March 14, 2014, 6:07 pm
Krochet Kids Interview

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Three questions for my Krochet Kids internship, interview :)

Krochet Kreations PresentationKrochet Kreations Presentation
00:03:28February 19, 2015, 3:56 pm
Krochet Kreations Presentation

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crocheted, beanies, scarf, scarves, blankets, booties, teddy, bear, plushy, soft, yarn, home, warm

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Find Krochet Kreations on Facebook here

If you have in mind a particular design, colour scheme, sports team, or just feel like having something to keep warm, send an inquiry. :) Prices are available on the page.

Kid Krochet-Almost Famous ContestKid Krochet-Almost Famous Contest
00:01:07May 4, 2012, 7:52 pm
Kid Krochet-Almost Famous Contest

Channel: xXxInfinityRecordsxX & Total View: 2523

hip, hop, rap, 2012, new, fresh, music, underground, independent, infinity, records, Almost, Famous, Contest, michigan

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Infinity Records, Kid Krochet, Almost Famous Contest, shout out to Dunny Badger for filming...
I'm not actor, I'm a rapper, I'm a problem, I'm a factor
I'm a monster, pocket full of contraband, and more green than a packer
got a knack for, disaster, my tenacity half of these fuckers cant match
fuck racks on racks, i smash on tracks, ya'll sound like trash, guess facts are facts
i rap, unwrap then rap it again, i mastered the craft, ya'll lagging a bit
ya'll stuck in the back, I'm all in the front, just laughing as i pass you again
pull the sword from the stone, cold to the bone, down to the marrow, joints and the soul
on the road, on a roll, in a zone of my own, i killed that flow just a moment ago
gotta revive it, be the, livest, you think you talking fly shit?
well I'm a pilot, in the cockpit logging sky mileage
hella high bitch, my eyes is, red as the devils dick
blunts filled with medical shit, get on my level kid
uparalleld, in a league of my own, i'm schemin and dreamin of seeing the throne
this evening i'm leaving my demons alone, i'm feinding for cream so im bringin in dough
ain't nobody fuckin with me...

SPU Krochet KidsSPU Krochet Kids
00:05:14February 26, 2018, 10:59 pm
SPU Krochet Kids

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JoAnn's 70th Anniverary HaulJoAnn's 70th Anniverary Haul
00:17:35August 12, 2018, 4:08 pm
JoAnn's 70th Anniverary Haul

Channel: Krochet by KJ & Total View: 1432

yarn, crochet, knit, joanns, michaels, yarnhaul, ilovefiber, crochetmakesmehappy, lionbrand, premier dk, caron simply soft

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70th Anniversary meant 70% off. Check out the yarn I purchased from Lion Brand, Premier DK, and Caron.

Also mentioned in this video is Repeatafterme crafter! Check her out she is awesome!

Krochet Kids International Video 3Krochet Kids International Video 3
00:02:03March 18, 2016, 10:40 am
Krochet Kids International Video 3

Channel: Brooke Spencer & Total View: 22


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Krochet Kids International Internship Video Interview

Krochet Kids PerúKrochet Kids Perú
00:02:24December 12, 2013, 7:33 am
Krochet Kids Perú

Channel: Diego Fernández Antezana & Total View: 377

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Caron x Pantone yarn reviewCaron x Pantone yarn review
00:10:06August 18, 2018, 1:54 pm
Caron x Pantone yarn review

Channel: Krochet by KJ & Total View: 6714

yarn, caron, pantone, crochet, knit, iloveyarn, ilovecrochet, yarnreview, crochetersofinstragram, caronxpantone, crochetaddict, crochetlove

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Michaels is now carrying in store the new Caron x Pantone yarn. I picked up three for the buy 2 get 1 free sale. They are beautiful, but are they worth it?

This is my opinion on the new yarn.

Krochet EmpireKrochet Empire
00:01:53September 14, 2015, 9:24 pm
Krochet Empire

Channel: Krochet Queen & Total View: 136

Crochet braids, crochet wigs, hair, natural hair, tutorials, wigs, kanekalon, Marley hair

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The Queedom (Not Queendom) Krochet

00:01:09December 28, 2015, 2:51 am

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Krochet Skirt for girlsKrochet Skirt for girls
00:04:40May 12, 2018, 7:29 am
Krochet Skirt for girls

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Kid Krochet - Spike Lee (Fred Da Godson HQ Remix)Kid Krochet - Spike Lee (Fred Da Godson HQ Remix)
00:02:46November 27, 2012, 3:33 pm
Kid Krochet - Spike Lee (Fred Da Godson HQ Remix)

Channel: xXxInfinityRecordsxX & Total View: 521

Fred, Godson, Spike, Lee, Remix, Fresh, New, Music, 2012, Hip, Hop, Rap, Underground, Kid, Krochet, Infinity, Rec

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Kid Krochet a.k.a Mikey Smooth "Spike Lee" Remix...

i go harder than most people could wish to
i swim with the sharks, your just fish food
im on point, never making any miscues
5' 10 but im feeling like im 6'2
big shit, i spit terrific
they just can't admit that im sick with this shit
what exactly is it, about me thats got you mad
i just wave to these haters like im trying catch a cab
i advance my worth, i don't dance, i work
im the champ, my verse, like muhhamed ali jab
its a knockout, went from a dropout with cotton mouth
to ripping mics and showing fuckers how to rock out
blonde haired hippie kid, rhyme very intricate
all I've got for hoes is this dick and some sticky shit
im indifferent, when it comes to hoes
i usually just fuck em, and tell em to hit the road
im a asshole, aint i
poor grammar, but i rap so dang fly
mark your planner, cuz this is kid K's time
setting standards to not settle for there lame rhymes...yeah, so..
tell a whack mc, suck a dick
tell a whack mc, suck a dick
tell a whack mc, suck a dick
cuz nowadays everybody thinks they can rap but the trouble is
they sound like...