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Kalongi Oil Press, Mini oil Expeller 1535Kalongi Oil Press, Mini oil Expeller 1535
00:06:31December 20, 2014, 11:01 pm
Kalongi Oil Press, Mini oil Expeller 1535

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Mini Oil Expeller, Small Oil Expeller, Expeller Pressing, Oil Extraction, Oil (Food), nigella sativa Oil Extraction, Oil Press, edible oil extraction, mini oil press

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Mini Oil Expeller 1535 can extract oil from different edible and non edible oil seeds.

Kalonji oil and seeds have been used for hundreds of years for their medicinal and healing properties. These little black seeds have many names: nigella sativa, black seeds, black cumin, black caraway (English), Kalonji (Hindi) and Habbah Sauda (Arabic). Kalonji is an herbal plant that grows in India and other Eastern countries. The seeds and the oil are used to purify the body, increase the function of the immune system and maintain general health. You can make Kalonji oil from the tiny black seeds, but you will need an oil press.


1. Mini oil Expeller 1535 will press only oil from seeds or nuts that have a high oil or fat content. Kalonji seeds are 35 percent oil and fats, which makes them ideal for pressing by this method.

2. Clean and dry the black Kalonji seeds. Ensure that the seeds are free of dirt and sand in order to guarantee a pure oil.

3. Clean the machine thoroughly to ensure that no contaminants from prior oil pressings get into the oil.

4. Place the correct amount of seeds into the Kettle of the oil press. Turn the machine on.

5. Allow the machine to self heat up so it can extract oil ,...

Homemade Kalonji Hair Oil~Cure Baldness,White hair,Hair Loss~Get Long, Thick, Black Hair

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Today in this video, I have Share a method of preparing homemade Kalonji Hair oil. This Homemade Kalonji/Black seed Hair oil is very effective in preventing hair loss in both men and women, White hair or grey hair turns into black hair, Cure Baldness, hair thinning and by using on regular basis you will Get Long hair, Black hair, Thick Hair, Healthy hair naturally. This is also helps in Regrowth of hair and helps to get rid of Hair thinning as well as baldness. Kalonji Hair Oil is Very Effective and Beneficial for hair growth and hair regrowth.

Kalonji also know as also called as : Black seeds, Black onion seeds, mingrial, Nigella sativa, black-caraway, black-cumin, fennel-flower, nigella, nutmeg-flower, Roman-coriander, Blackseed, black caraway.

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Nature Sure Kalonji Oil Review Hakim Ajmal KhanNature Sure Kalonji Oil Review Hakim Ajmal Khan
00:05:39September 4, 2018, 3:29 am
Nature Sure Kalonji Oil Review Hakim Ajmal Khan

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