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Essay Writing by Ashima Mittal, Rank 12, UPSC IAS 2017

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Watch the video to know how to write better answers. This part particularly focusses on Essay Writing.

UPSC Preparation in 1 year - How to Crack the CSE by (IAS 2017, AIR 4) Saumya Pandey

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Watch the full course here:
Watch this lesson to learn How to Crack UPSC with 1 Year of Preparation by Saumya Pandey: UPSC notification brought in the news that Allahabad's Saumya Pandey cracked IAS on her first attempt with an AIR 4. Saumya Pandey Pandey, who cleared the competitive examination in her first attempt, said candidates from small cities and towns did not have to rush to the metros for coaching facilities and can prepare well with UPSC online. She discusses the UPSC syllabus and UPSC exam pattern as it is extremely important for clearing UPSC in your first attempt. She talks about how she managed to clear the UPSC CSE by preparing for 1 year. Watch to learn more and prepare well for UPSC 2018 and future attempts.

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UPSC Civil Services 2017 - GS Paper 1 - Economics Solved w/ Analysis & Technique

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In this video i have solved CSAT / IAS 2017 Preliminary General Studies paper 1. In this i have focused on Economics questions and analyzed them with explanation and techniques that will be very helpful for anyone with simple elimination method. This video will give you an idea about economics preparation, startegy and choosing an optional.

Video link of UPSC 2017 Paper 1 - Geography analysis

UPSC CSE 2017 Topper, Anudeep Durishetty's advice to civil services aspirants

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Success and failure is a part of every successful civil services aspirants journey. But identifying the essential requirements of civil services preparation and following them consistently is challenging.

In this video, Anudeep Durishetty, AIR 1, CSE 2017, shares most crucial learning during his UPSC journey and advise aspirants to consider the importance of imperfection, here & now and acceptance of failures. Watch the video to know more.

IAS Topper | UPSC Prelims Strategy | Rishi Raj | AIR 27, CSE-2017 | NeoStencil

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Rishi Raj Secured AIR 27 in CSE-2017. In this video, he shares his UPSC Prelims Preparation Strategy for UPSC civil services exam for the benefit of aspirants preparing for IAS exam.

About NeoStencil:

NeoStencil is founded by AIIMS, IIT and IIM Alumni. It is India’s only Ed Tech Company that provides live online classrooms from top teachers. With a mission statement of Choose Your Classroom, it aims to revolutionize test preparation, by connecting teachers and students seamlessly. Live!


To Know more about Live Online IAS Classes offered by NeoStencil, send an email to [email protected], call us on 9599075552 or chat with us online.

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IAS Toppers Strategy, Ankita Mishra Rank 105, CSE 2017, what works and what not !

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Download test copies of Ankita:

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.
So work until you no longer have to introduce yourself!!!


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About IAS Score: IAS Score help students to meet their fullest potential by providing an environment that is designed to face the emerging challenges of their career.

UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2017 - Solution : SuperSimplified

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This lecture provides a detailed explanation and solution of the UPSC Preliminary Examination 2017.

UPSC Prelims 2017 was conducted by UPSC on 18-06-2017. This lecture provides the detailed explanation of the questions and necessary tips wherever applicable.

Cut-off for UPSC Prelims 2017 is expected between 105 to 110 as per our analysis.

You can go to our UPSC previous year papers playlist and watch the solution of UPSC prelims 2016 as well.

You can download the slides from the link given below:

GS Answer Writing by Ashima Mittal, Rank 12, UPSC IAS 2017

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Ashima Mittal, Rank 12, UPSC IAS 2017 exam has improved upon her score in successive attempts by trying various techniques. In this video, she shares these techniques with the aspirants and gives them to-the-point tips and tricks to write scoring answers in the UPSC IAS Mains examination. Watch the complete video to know how to approach answer writing for all the General Studies papers of UPSC IAS Exam.

This is the 3rd and concluding part in the 3 part series of Toppers Talk on Answer writing by Ashima Mittal, AIR 12, UPSC IAS 2018

Following are the links for all the three parts:
1. Toppers Talk | Ashima Mittal, AIR 12, UPSC IAS 2017 | Part 1 | Inspiration:
2. Answer Writing by Ashima Mittal, AIR 12, UPSC IAS 2017 | Part 2 | Essay Writing:
3. Answer Writing by Ashima Mittal, AIR 12, UPSC IAS 2017 | Part 3 | General Studies:

Book-list and Sources for IAS Exam by UPSC Topper Rahul Bhatt, AIR 68, CSE 2017

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Why do you want to become an IAS?
In this Toppers Talk session, Rahul Bhatt, a Rau’s IAS GS Integrated 2015 batch student, shares his book-list and sources that helped him secure AIR 68 in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2017, in his second attempt.
Note : his emphasis on maximizing the learning outcomes from limited sources of study.
Takeaway: Keep your sources limited. You will win!!

Sonal, 451 Rank, English Medium, UPSC-2017 : Mock Interview

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Sonal has got 451 rank in UPSC-CSE-2017. Drishti IAS is uploading video of Sonal's Mock Interview to help UPSC aspirants for their exam. This video will help lots of students to understand the process of Interview.

सोनल ने 2017 की यूपीएससी परीक्षा में 451वाँ रैंक हासिल किया, उन्होंने दृष्टि संस्थान में जो मॉक इंटरव्यू दिया था उसे दृष्टि आई.ए.एस चैनल पर अपलोड किया गया है ताकि यूपीएससी के सभी अभ्यर्थियों को लाभ मिल सके। इस वीडियो के जरिये अभ्यर्थी इंटरव्यू की प्रक्रिया को समझ पाएंगे और अपनी तैयारी को सही दिशा में आगे बढ़ा कर सफलता की मजबूत दावेदारी पेश कर सकेंगे। मॉक इंटरव्यू प्लेलिस्ट में हम समय-समय पर कई सफल...

UPSC IAS Preparation Strategy for Beginners by Amol, AIR 83, CSE 2017 – Rau’s IAS

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Why are you preparing for IAS exam?
Importance of Syllabus
Importance of Previous Years’ Questions?
Role of optional subject.
How to choose optional subject?
Dos and Don’ts
How to read newspapers?
Importance of Current Affairs

Strategy for Prelims Exam -

UPSC Civil Services 2017 - GS Paper 1 - Geography Solved w/ Analysis & Technique

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In this video i have solved CSAT / IAS 2017 Preliminary General Studies paper 1. In this i have focused on Geography questions and analyzed them with explanation and techniques that will very helpful for anyone with basic knowledge.